Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is known as the family holiday island which is facilitated by its position as the biggest of the three islands I visited; It’s even home to an airport. Koh Samui is definitely far more westernised than little Koh Tao with its McDonald’s and tescos and other big names scattered all across the island. Also since the main tourist group are families there are endless amounts of high end resorts and kid centred activities. That’s not to say as a travelling teenage I didn’t have a blast here, the island has a lot to offer and definitely bridges that gap of remote island living to a westernised version that may be more comfortable to adjust to for many individuals.

Fisherman’s Pier

This part of the island is renowned for carrying the most European resemblance due to the past French influence on the island. The Fisherman’s pier is a well established shopping and beach dining area that has a lot going on especially for those on vacation wanting to splash the cash and indulge in luxury. I mean is there any better way to be pampered than a full body massage on the beach front with any cocktail you can possibly imagine in hand. Alternatively if you have no cash to splash like myself cause you are on a tight travellers budget then the pier has great access to a lovely free beach with an amazing coastal view.


If you fancy spending more time surrounded by the natural paradises offered on the island then the middle land offers many great spots with amazing view points. Just make sure you are up for the challenge of an uphill hike. It’ll be worth it when you find yourself at the top of an incredible waterfall or on a rocky viewpoint stretching out to the coast. The island is far too big to get around on foot, although we did walk 4 hours along the coast to get to our ferry pier but still the smartest move would be to rent transport since taxi prices are extortionate for the length of travel. 

Crocodile Farm’s and Monkey Shows 

Just like the other islands Koh Samui is no stranger to the popularity of animal performances. Crocodile farms are such a strange atmosphere but it’s definitely worth seeing at least once in your life. They move at an eerily slow pace but react in a heartbeat when food comes into view. These creatures are truly terrifying but also incredible and I could watch them all day. And of course monkeys are adorable and quirky as hell so will no doubt be able to put a massive grin on your face and leave it there all day.

Big Buddha

The islands most famous landmark is a 12 ft tall Big Buddha on the north coast. To say this statue is impressive is a real understatement. The temple surrounding it was flawless and the sheer size of Buddha was jaw dropping. I’ve become quite well accustomed to sight seeing temples since coming to Asia so I’m now at the point that I’m rarely blown away anymore, not to say they aren’t beautiful. But my god, talk about saving the best for last; Koh Samui’s Big Buddha is well worth the trip and is instagram gold…literally.


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