What’s so special about Singapore

Singapore is just an incredible city, it’s almost eerily perfect at times like the setting of a weird utopian film. It’s got the towering city skyline of New York but without the suffocating atmosphere that follows. Singapore skyline gives off the impression that every building has been specifically constructed with careful consideration of its appearance among the others. No view ever looks over crowded and no building ever looks oddly placed. Singapore is a photographers dream and a city you don’t forget in a hurry. There is endless amounts to see and do here and with their well organised and simple metro and bus systems it’s the easiest city to get around and accomplish a lot in a limited time frame. 

Museums and art galleries 
At the end of the day Singapore is a hugely metropolitan city with a lot of predomiant urban and modern culture which often places it at the forefront of the world’s most significant cities. No kidding, at one point I thought I was watching an episode of Futurama, so whilst visiting this goldmine of modernisation you should definitely make the most of the exhibitions Singapore offers. From its endless museum with so much historical importance to its thought provoking and odd modern art there is a lot of mind expanding opportunities in this city that shouldn’t go a miss.

Botanical Gardens 

This attraction definitely needs at least half a day or even a full day to cover if you want to do it properly. I made the mistake of leaving it till late afternoon and although it was still incredibly enchanting, there just wasn’t enough time to get around it all. The botanical gardens are a god send of sceneic paradises even if you aren’t hugely interested in the details of each plant and flower. The gardens are worth visiting just to appreciate the obscurity of such a natural atmosphere inside an urban hotspot. So bring a book, music or your art equipment and go explore to find the garden for you, whether that be the healing, orchid, ginger, pre-historical garden or any of the many other choices. 

Singapore Zoo

For all the animal lovers put there this a wonderful addition to the trip. Sometimes what can happen when you go to a zoo is you leave feeling terrible that you contributed to funding the entrapment of helpless animals who just seemed miserable and unhappy. But Singapore Zoo is not like that at all, the zoo is extremely self conscious and aware of the mistreatment of animals in the outer world and they do everything can to provide a wonderful home for the animals. The whole zoo is covered in so many massive posters which spread warnings and awareness about impending extinction of species and the brutality of the sports and meat industries. I know this all sounds very heavy but it’s important and the zoo is the most ideal place to spread this information to other individuals who will share these concerns and want to protect the destruction and mistreatment of animals and their habitats. The most impressive aspect of the zoo is just how well laid out and spacious the enclosures are. Some displays aren’t even enclosed and involve walking amount the animals so you are within an arms reach from them. It truly feels like you are visiting the animals in their natural homes which of course is not always true but the zoo has done a great job of trying to bridge that gap.

Gardens by the bay

This tourist attractions and it’s marina bay surroundings are just breathtaking especially at night. All these Singapore attractions and structures lit up with thousands of twinkle lights is a must see for any traveler. The view is truly amazing and if you want to make it even more impressive than you can make your way onto the Singapore flyer which provides a birds eye gaze of the city to let you soak up all its glory from above. 

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Written by Freya Millard, published on Wessex Scene originally. 


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