Vietnam Coastline

When I decided that my Asia trip would include travelling the Vietnamese coastline I was understandably over the moon and absolutely buzzing at the thought. Vietnam is a country which I have heard a great deal about for its natural beauty and epic scenery so this experience has been by no exaggeration the traveller in me’s dream come true.  

Phan Thiet

I began my coastline adventures in Phan Thiet, a Southern City about 4-5 hours from Ho Chi Minh. Phan Theit was an incredible place to begin my adventures and it delivered on every part. The natural beauty was endless from Mui Ne’s white sand dunes to its insanely constrast bright orange ones. But my personal favourite sites seeing experience was definitely the local fairy stream. The vivid colour of bright orange sand rock against the bluest of skies was surreal, a painter would of had a field day. Then whilst gazing at this natural masterpiece you are able to stroll along a delicate little water stream that is warmed by the sun and is the most relaxing experience. 

Nha Trang 
This Vietnam city is a highly promoted attraction across the country and as a consequence Nha Trang is very touristy especially for a good old family vacation so a lot of the city is catered to this group. Over all it is a great size and works well as a coastal city with its mix of quirky little stalls and big brand names. There’s a clear love for Italian food here as you’ll find at least one restaurant on most centre streets. So if you want to mix it up from the usual Asian cuisine and try recipes from entirely different continent then you’ll have no problem finding a delicious variety. Nha Trang’s most solid attraction is definitely it’s beach and whilst it draws many similarities to any other exotic Asian beach front it still can’t be knocked as a wonderful place to relax and take in the coastline and all its glory. Although you might find the endless amounts of sellers coming up to you on the beach to sell you fruit and fishes slightly annoying after this first ten times of saying no. Well unless you want what they are selling and then it’s very convinent.

Ha Long Bay

This is one of if not Vietnam’s top attraction and my god do the Vietnamese know it. They are hell bent on draining Ha Long and it’s gold mine of beauty for every single penny they can. You will step into the epitome of all tourist destinations when you arrive. But the bay is beautiful, that is undeniable. Even if you catch it on a grey, foggy morning there is still such unbelievably sights to be seen with all the sheer drops and complex rocky edges. Ha Long Bay is a scenic paradise that is worth visiting even if it is touristy as hell. A great advantage of the high tourist intake it that there is an endless amount of tours with a enormous variety in priced and length of stay, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect bay trip to suit you. 


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