Thoughts on Malaysia, Kuala Lumper

A lively and extremely built up city, Kuala Lumper is a skyscraper heaven with countless impressive sturdy structures. Many parts of the city are still being built as it goes and the result of this means many of these grand views are obstructed by heavy machinery and dug up land which is a little unphotogenic to say the least. But nevertheless it is a city worth visiting especially if you are a fan of towering skylines and watching the busy and electric lives unfounded around you. 

Botanical Gardens 

Like Singapore, Kuala Lumper offers a nicely separated green paradise in the heart of its city. The constrast between stepping off a hectic busy street and walking into a natures haven is an almost surreal experience but so wonderful. It’s a great escape from the busy outside life and it feels great to be in a more peaceful atmosphere hidden inside the city. You don’t even need to go specifically to the botanical gardens in Kuala Lumper since the city offers do many open green fields that just spring up on you after you take a few turnings in the centre. These green areas and often decorated with incredible fountains and floral arrangements. So my main advice whilst travelling the city is to keep a book or your headphones at hand ready for if you just happen to wander across a relaxing scenic spot of greenery in the mists of a hectic road. 

Batu Caves

This delightful tourist attraction on the outskirts of Kuala Lumper is a great addition to the trip. Batu Caves have some incredible interior caves with amazing sculptures and temples. Plus if you fancy it there are many cave tours that let you go further into the dark caves and explore them. The access to Batu caves is so easy since it has its own metro stop and is so worth the effort of going since the whole structure is just an incredible sight. Plus if the thousand years old temples and excting caves don’t sell it to you then the crazy amount of monkeys that will interact with you and wander around the caves is awesome. Although hold onto your possessions tight cause they are quick and clever little things.

China Town
Most big cities nowadays have a China Town and you may start to be asking ‘well what’s the big deal with this one?’ So I guess my answer is that what makes the China Town in Kuala Lumpur worth visiting is firstly the amazing atmosphere with its bubbling market stalls and red lantern skyroofs. And secondly because of the real reason anyone wants to go to any China Town, the incredible authentic food that will have your mouth watering the second you start smelling it. If you are a big foodie then nothing beats real chinese food and even if you are not, then still nothing can beat it. On top of all of this I found that the people in China Town here are extremely welcoming and love to interact with you so don’t be shy and embrace their companionship and contagious smiles.

Sentral Market

This is by far the best market I have been to in a long time. The endless arts and crafts stores accounted by the most creative art displays is just a truly captivating scene that you must witness with your own eyes.You can purchase almost anything your mind can possibly think up here at Sentral Market and it is the perfect location for finding unique souvenirs and gifts. The best part of the market for me however was definitely the 3D art gallery on the second floor. If you want a solid hour of good fun and lots of hilarious photos which all in all is great value for money then look no further than here. The whole gallery is painted into various 3D scenes, this includes Madagascar, James Bond and even a full on recreation of the famous Titanic scene, so your dreams of becoming Jack and Rose can finally come true. 


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