The low down on Cambodia 

I have fallen in love with Cambodia, the small Asian country sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam. It’s a wonderful place with so much culture and plenty of tourist attractions. Here’s a list of my favourite places in Cambodia which you may which to add to your travel itinerary or bucket lists.

Phnom Penh 

The capital city sure does have a lot to offer and my thoughts in full on Phnom Penh can be found on an earlier blog post. The temples are so beautiful especially alongside the designated green areas and play parks which works well to break up the city’s usually messy decor. There are so many must do’s here so you can guarantee you will be far from bored. Some of these could include going to the killing fields or S21 prison, which are both really emotional and intense experiences that provide a vivid insight into Cambodia’s horrific past. Or for a more lighter experience in the city there are both day and night markets filled with endless bargains and delicious authentic Asian dishes. 

The apparent Ibiza of Cambodia, Sihanoukville is definitely the more touristy destination than most other areas because of its prime beach holiday location. It’s also home to plenty of clubs along the beach that blast out cheesy western music. If you’re lucky and stay out on the beach at nighy you might even catch fireworks and Chinese lanterns being set off. Sihanoukville is also the point of call to travel across to some very tropical and exotic islands, even for just a day trip.

One word – Arcadia.This chilled out hostel on the river front with pool tables and table tennis also doubles up as an inflatable and rope swings play area. You don’t even have to be a guest at the hostel to use these awesome facilities free of charge. Kampot is also known for having some great little adventure trips nearby. These can include travelling all the way up the local mountains to see the most perfect sunset or even getting on board one of the many all day river cruises. It’s a lot less touristy than Sihanoukville but it hasn’t got the sand.

Siem Reap
Angkor wat temple is the known famous attraction in all of Cambodia and is local to Siem Reap. Visiting the temple will usually involve a 4am start so you arrive ready to see the sunrise above the accident structure. But Siem Reap is also home to ‘pub street’ the apparent Magaluf of Cambodia. This street is filled with many different cuisines and hundreds of various cheap cocktails. If you want a relaxed day then you can’t really knock a €6 full body massage and a peaceful stroll around the local fine art galleries. 

Takeo Province – Bakod Village

The rural countryside of Cambodia is very different to the other cities I just mentioned. The shops are limited in supplies and are far apart and it takes a good half an hour on the tuktuk to make it into the local market. But once there will you see all the hard working locals making their living with the friendliest of attitudes and warmest of greetings. Although there is a strong language barrier in the rural areas there is still so much to gain and appreciate in the simple interactions with these local farmers. However If you have a translator on hand then that is extremely useful. Although rural there is still some glamour nearby with a lovely local pool that only costs €2 to use and is of hotel standard. There is also a local Orphanage which welcomes outside guests and is home to such lovely, playful children. You can bring them some fruit from the market and spend sometime playing games and doing the kids hair which is an all around lovely experience. 

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