Singapore at night

No words far from spectacular, incredible and captivating can summarise Singapore at night. Thousands of neon lights in an endless jungle of skyscrapers and modern art structures rocket high up into the night sky. It is just beyond amazing and is a most definite worthy addition to any traveller’s bucket list.

I feel like words can hardly describe in full just how truly incredible Singapore city lit up at night is. Therefore I feel like I need to heavily rely on my photographic aids to put across the beauty I witnessed but even then I don’t feel like these photos do Singapore justice.

Wandering through this beautiful city at night was just a surreal and amazing experience. The streets were spotless, every piece of grass perfectly cut and every twinkle light delicately placed. However it was a Sunday night when I visited which may explain the lack of social life anywhere although I still find that extremely weird considering Singapore is a major city and it is currently the summer holidays in Europe. The city’s silence was such an eery experience, it was as if I was walking through this perfect utopian city. It had the appearance of a busy, upbeat city life with its lit up skyscrapers but there was hardly anyone in the streets, as if no one really lived in this wonderful place. It was like walking into a stage room in ikea, looks amazing but it’s lifeless. Even when we made it across to marina bay which is considered tourist heaven there was still hardly any buzz, at least nothing more than the buzz coming from my small English town on a week day. Nevertheless Singapore is a beautiful place, just the atmospheres on Sunday’s is apparently non-existent. So if you do intend to come to Singapore with the intentions of discovering it’s wild city nightlife then definitely avoid doing so on a Sunday.

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