Why being ill abroad is the worst

There is never a great time to be ill and it is always such a miserable experience when you are. But being ill whilst abroad just seems to feel a million times worse than at home.

You miss out

Especially if your illness is severe enough because you are likely to be bed bound which means all those wonderful plans you made to explore the local area have to be put on the back burner. This of course is extremely disappointing because whilst you are travelling time is often a very limited thing and these local sights and opportunities are not avaliable to you once you get back home.

You can’t indulge in comfort 

When we’re sick at home we all tend to have a pre-made plan of what unique methods will make us feel better. Some people like to eat all of their favourite foods, some people like to watch movies on repeat and others like to just snuggle up in their cosiest blanket with a good book. But unfortunately all these resources are restricted to your life back at home. Whilst you are abroad you just have to make do with whatever is around and it usually doesn’t match on the comfort levels of your own home. If there’s any guaranteed time you miss home it’s definitely when you are ill in an unfamiliar environment. 

You are always on the go

Because usually travelling is so hectic and fast paced to make sure you make the most of your time away. This can have a real negative effect on you when you are ill. You don’t really get sick leave from travelling and 8 out of 10 times you just have to power on through. Even if it means feeling horrendous on a 14 hour bus journey to another country. The schedule sometimes just doesn’t allow for a day tucked up in bed which can make being ill all the more draining. 

Finding the cause is near impossible

When literally everything is new to you and your body in this foreign environment it causes a real struggle when you try to pin point exactly the core reason behind your illness.Was it the food, the sea water, the weather? It’s so hard to figure out for sure but that doesn’t tend to stop you trying. You’ll spend the entire time you are ill trying to decide the root cause of your ailment in hopes of never making that mistake again. But I’ll let you in on a secret, you will probably end up getting ill again abroad at some point cause that’s just life. But hey sometimes there’s really no better place to be feeling horrendous than on a tropical, exotic beach in a far away land. 

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