Night buses are a must

Taking a night bus during your travels should most definitely be on the agenda and here’s why.

Saves money
You don’t have to spend money on accomodation which is always a massive bonus and it’s loads cheaper than flying.

Time goes quickly
Nothing feels better than waking up 7 hours later to find you have arrived at your destination even though you only left at what feels like 20 minutes ago. Long journeys are so much better when you can sleep through them.

It’s comfortable
Not everyone will agree with me but I certainly think so. I was on the apparent ‘cheap and bad’ bus to Siem Reap in Cambodia and I found it to be great. The chairs go back most of the way, you get a pillow and a blanket and for a 5’5 girl I fitted in my dedicated slot perfectly. You can spend more for better if you so wish but regardless, the bus was far more comfortable than an airplane to sleep on.


Different Perspective
Going to see a new country is great and then going across that new country at night is like doing that first part all over again. The different colours of neon lights and dim movements of people and animals going about their nightlife just makes for some captivating views. It kept me intrigued for hours.

Embrace the day
Maybe you arrive at your destination hyped up on excitement and feeling as fresh as a daisy who is ready to embrace the day. Or maybe you don’t and you need an hour nap to perk yourself right up. Either way I can guarantee you will be up and ready much earlier than anyother day and that will mean you get to cover much more so who is really winning.

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