Why the friends you make whilst you are travelling are different to the rest

Friends are great, regardless of where and how you met them but there’s just something different and yet completely wonderful about the friendships you build abroad with other travellers.

Firstly you are all in the same boat, new country, new culture, new everything. You have all been thrown in head first and are tasked with the difficulty of adapting to this completely new environment. But these peculiar and exciting circumstances are the perfect conditions to nurture strong and valuable friendships almost instantly. Wonderful experiences with these travel friends are the memories you will hold dear for the rest of your life.


Everyone has something in common which of course is a passion for travelling. So even if there is nothing else that you share in common interests this one similarity is almost definitely enough to fuel an awesome friendship. Travelling brings with it endless stories and great advice that you are all more than keen to exchange and engage with.

You don’t have to make plans like dinner and coffee and see each other regularly to keep the friendship going. Even if you lose touch and don’t speak or see eachother for a year or more (maybe cause you’re all off travelling elsewhere). It doesn’t matter, you will pick up just where you left off and eachothers Facebook updates and photos are all you need to feel like you are kept in the loop. Travel friends understand that it’s nothing personal and that life just gets busy, especially if you live countries apart.


You get extremely comfortable, extremely fast. This is because with friends you make whilst traveling you are all the grossest versions of yourself but together. There’s no way around it, especially if you are in extremely hot climates, sweat is unavoidable but no one cares because you are all sweaty and that’s just the price you pay to travel and make awesome memories. All your pampering supplies that you use back at home are miles away and you must run on the bare essentials whilst abroad. Not one of your travel friends will judge if you haven’t shaved your legs in a week or brushed your hair properly for a few days because it’s not a beauty parent when you’re traveling. The focus for everyone is cracking down and making amazing memories together. So yes when you’re abroad and deli belly is a very common thing, no one will even hesitate to tell eachother and exchange remedies. Friendship goals.

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